Comprehensive Investigation Services Tailored to Your Needs

Criminal Defense

Let us assist your case by examining evidence and crime scenes, dissecting and analyze written statements and reports looking for signs of both truth and deception. We will diligently look for evidence and uncover the truth and present weaknesses and strategies to assist you and your client in court.

William is experienced in both trial defense investigative strategies as well as post-conviction work on criminal cases. William is trained in interview techniques including the REID interview class along with specialized training in statement analysis, handwriting analysis, document examination, accident reconstruction, crime scene investigations, criminalistics, and active shooter training.

Financial Investigations and judgment recovery BG

Financial Investigations & Judgment Recovery

We are trained to locate hidden assets to assist you in satisfying your court ordered judgment. We can identify tangible assets in both live time and possible future timelines. We will search for bank accounts, money market accounts, stocks, bonds, insurance policies, property, boats, vehicles, recreation vehicles, aircraft and unclaimed money. Our in-depth comprehensive search packages will also identify liens, judgments, bankruptcies, mortgages, as well as corporation and business affiliations. If you have an uncollected judgment that is frustrating you, send it over to us to ensure that every avenue of tangible assets has been scoured. We enjoy these cases and have specialized training that leaves no stone uncovered in our diligence to work on your behalf. William travelled to Colorado to study under the legendary Joe H. Dickerson of Financial Forensics for extensive training in financial case management and judgment recovery.

Due Diligence Background searches

We can perform in-depth background reports on pre-employment hires and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Be forewarned of any past issues that can impact your hiring and business decisions.

Civil Case Investigations

Personal injury investigations: We have the experience you need for us to help you uncover how an injury occurred in order to assist you in obtaining compensation. We have worked on cases involving motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall incidents, product liability, drug diversion, trademark infringement, child custody matters and child and elder abuse.

Death and Serious Bodily Injury Investigations

At Investigative Concepts, LLC, we specialize in Death and Serious Bodily Injury Investigations, providing unparalleled expertise in these critical and sensitive areas. We are adept at meticulously gathering and analyzing evidence, reconstructing incidents, and uncovering the truth behind complex cases. We leverage advanced forensic techniques and cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive, accurate, and timely results. Whether you’re dealing with wrongful death claims, personal injury lawsuits, or any case involving serious harm, you can trust our dedicated investigators to provide the insights and support you need. With a commitment to thoroughness and integrity, Investigative Concepts, LLC, is your partner in seeking justice and ensuring accountability.

Safety & Security Risk Assessments

Investigative Concepts, LLC, has the training and experience to produce a comprehensive safety and security assessment utilizing industry standards to minimize risks for your business.

William has over a decade of experience as a Director of Security for large Healthcare Systems and has obtained the credential “CPTED”, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. William also holds the credential “CHPA” Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator, where the focus was on safety, security, EHS, and emergency management components. William will work with you to engineer out as many risks and hazards as possible with the objective to eliminate or reduce your risks. We have the equipment needed to perform a very thorough assessment including light and sound meters.

William can either create or review your existing policies and procedures and advise you of risks though a comprehensive risk assessment that will allow for both a safety and security management plan.

We can provide training to you for workplace violence, active shooter, or other hostile situations. William is a certified instructor in active shooter countermeasures. Let us work on a plan for your organization that includes training, policies and procedures, and designated safe areas of refuge.