New Hampshire Legal Resources

  1. New Hampshire Revised Statutes Online
  2. New Hampshire Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers – A good source for NH information related to criminal law
  3. New Hampshire Government Resource – Laws and rules for New Hampshire.
  4. New Hampshire Laws & Revised Statutes Online – A searchable database of the State of NH Revised Statutes.
  5. New Hampshire State Government Online -WEBSTER – New Hampshire’s Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches including the Governor and e-Government.
  6. New Hampshire Supreme Court – Includes links to Supreme Court orders, slip opinions, oral argument calendar, cases accepted, status reports and much more.
  7. New Hampshire Court Rules – Includes rules for the Supreme,Superior, District and Municipal, and Probate courts of the state of NH, as well as the rules of evidence.
  8. New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct – The entire book broken down by rule number.
  9. New Hampshire Statutes: OHRV – Chapter 215-A: Off Highway Recreational Vehicles and Trails.
  10. OHRV Rules for Highway Use