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Welcome to Investigative Concepts, LLC, where we are dedicated to revolutionising the investigative process with state-of-the-art solutions. Our mission is to uncover the truth through an unbiased approach, leveraging our legal knowledge and resourcefulness to provide the insights you need.

We are committed to innovation and excellence, ensuring thoroughness, accuracy, and due diligence in every investigation. Whether you’re tackling complex cases or conducting a background check, Investigative Concepts, LLC, is your trusted partner in achieving exceptional outcomes.

At Investigative Concepts, LLC, discover how our unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology can elevate your investigations to new heights and exceed your expectations.

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William Losefsky started Investigative Concepts, LLC, in 2002. We provide complete investigation solutions in New Hampshire. As a professional firm with Licenses, Bonds, and Insurance, we guarantee attorneys, companies, corporations, and individuals dependable and trustworthy services. Respecting the strictest moral guidelines, we carry out our investigations with integrity, honesty, and discretion.

Our use of cutting-edge technology guarantees accurate and effective outcomes, and our client-centered approach customizes solutions to meet particular problems. We can effectively serve all of your investigation needs since we have extensive local expertise in the legal and business environment within New Hampshire. If you need dependable, ethical, and creative investigation solutions, choose Investigative Concepts, LLC.


Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator

A Board-Certified Criminal Defense investigator is a highly trained professional specializing in criminal defense investigation. These experts collaborate closely with defense attorneys to meticulously gather evidence, conduct witness interviews, and analyze case details, which contributes to the development of a robust defense strategy.

Certified Master Investigator

A Certified Master Investigator is a seasoned professional who has achieved a high level of expertise and recognition in the field of investigative work. This designation typically indicates that the investigator has undergone advanced training, acquired extensive experience, and has demonstrated exceptional skills in various aspects of investigation.

Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist

A Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS) is a highly qualified professional who has obtained specialized certification in the field of Anti-Terrorism. This certification typically involves rigorous training and examination processes, ensuring that the specialist possesses advanced knowledge and skills related to identifying, preventing, and responding to terrorism-related threats.

Certified Forensic Death Investigator

A Board-Certified Forensic Death Investigator is a highly skilled professional with advanced training and extensive experience in investigating deaths. This designation demonstrates mastery in forensic techniques, attention to detail, and expertise in legal protocols, enabling the death investigator to unravel the complexities of mortality with precision and expertise.


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